Gza comments on G-Unit beef

25 08 2008

I don’t know exactly how old this quote is but I could imagine Tony Yayo scoffing at it without even questioning why he can’t carry an album on his own. GZA speaks the truth, read on:

The first single from the album “Paper Plate” was released on July 18 and has been circulated widely over the internet. The single continues the feud between 50 Cent and him. GZA, during a performance in Queens, had this to say about 50 cent: “a Nigga don’t got fuckin lyrics”. In response to a question about “Paper Plate”, he said:

“You know what “Paper Plate” is about? [A paper plate is] just something that is lightweight and disposable. You can recycle it and get rid of it after you’re done with it. It’s just a statement that I wanted to get out, saying that “I’m lyrical and I’m not material.” I’m a sum of a beautiful equation and sometimes these dudes need to just realize and respect the tradition of an emcee. I’ve been working in this game for a while to try and focus on the lyrical aspect of all this. It’s saying 50 Cent and G Unit could never write like me and I’m coming at it focusing on shelf life. I’m not trying to clown all the younger rappers, but just saying that there is so many things to be inspired by, so I don’t understand why people are still rhyming about the same thing. I’m trying to move forward a tradition, and you can see that when I’m going on a Liquid Swords tour 10 years after it came out. Wu-Tang has two or three generations of fans so we must be relevant. And what does it matter that they callin me grandpa? Cuz I fathered your style? ”




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