It’s a mess…..

29 08 2008

This week:

Firstly RIP to Dr Dre’s son who was found dead over the weekend..

In other news here is a photo of dmx meditating to prevent himself doing further crimes.

Recently Dmx was let out on bail after saying “I’m not fucking going back to jail” to a judge after the judge initially decided against him being let out. He’s also got a warrant out in Arizona and if they catch him within 15 days he’s got a whole other set of problems on his hands. If he lays low for 15 days he’s home free (good luck pal).

what a mess…

Finally for some actual good news: GZA had his latest album debut in the billboard charts at 52, almost a decade since his last album to reach the charts “Beneath the Surface” in 1999.

In other news I really dislike Soulja boy:

I read this quote at and it made me physically angry.

“The young rapper went on to detail his frustration at being called out by numerous veteran artists such as legend Ice-T, and how his “old school” influence was listening to 50 Cent’s early records when he was 11 years old.” OLD SCHOOL, what?

What a mess hiphop is sometimes..




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