New Kayne album, Akon punches another fan?

6 09 2008

Apparently Kayne is going to release his forth album by the end of the year! The new single will be called “Love LockDown” and I will post it here as soon as I see it online! He’s the last performer at the MTV VMA awards and will announce details on the album that night. Man straight after the glow and the dark tour and he still hasn’t taken a break, how is that Kayne releases two albums in such a short amount of time and yet Raekwon and Dre haven’t in years? I mean you can’t say Kayne isn’t under an incredible amount of pressure also. (Not hating but still….)
Akon, Kayne, T Pain and Lil wayne seem to be involved in the studio non stop these days, get your money fella’s.

This isn’t really news or a surprise either but Akon has been caught on video supposedly hitting a female fan. You can’t see all that well in this video and you know people will make up anything these days so watch the clip and decide for yourselves…

I might be going to Bone Thugs, Ice Cube and Snoop in a few weeks, I’d mainly be going to see reunited bone on their first tour in years with the full crew including Flesh, anyone know whether they are worth seeing live?




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