DJ AM scratching with Travis Barker

8 09 2008

Seems like all I’m doing is posting clips at the moment, this is a dope video with Dj AM scratching over beats and travis barker jamming along. Check it out:

Dj AM ft Travis Barker

50 cent is claiming he is going to reinvent hiphop on his latest album “Before I self destruct”, hey 50 do you mean reinvent like when you and Kayne faced off for album sales and that is the reason he bet you? The same reason Terminate on Sight didn’t sell alot of records also. I’ll have to wait and see before I believe all this talk personally, plus he hasn’t put anything out that interests me in…………. forever?

50 Talks new album

Lil Wayne tore it up at the VMA’s last night (except when T-Pain came out and was half heartedly lip syncing ‘got money’, dudes a good songwriter but he looked rubbish live). Now apparently Weezy is in trouble after police released him on 70,000 bail a few months ago after finding a concealed weapon and drugs on his tour bus.

Officer testifies after finding Gun in Lil Waynes tour bus

Speaking of T-Pain…..

Can\’t believe it remix




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