Skateboarding and hip-hop

17 09 2008

This is an interesting new trend at the moment pioneered by the likes of Chad Muska and Kareem Campbell, I don’t mean the backpacker scene kids either, I mean people who are serious about both their street skating and their hip-hop. People like Chad Muska who has produced an album featuring Krs-One, Raekwon, Big Daddy Kane, Prodigy and appeared in videos for Kelis and N.E.R.D.

One of the biggest names in hip-hop affiliated Skatboarding currently is probably Terry Kennedy who used to be on Pharrells skating team and aspires to be both an MC and an actor also. Click the link for his official site and profile: Terry Kennedy

Peep these pics I found, firstly this skateboard design series: (Click to enlarge)

Look for the Slick Rick deck second from left, the ghostface deck fourth from left and a much younger method man in the hockey gear.

Or the Promotional gear Ghost did for Zoo York which features a signature Pretty Toney Deck:

Of course we got Pharrells skate team and Lupe reppin’ skating all day every day.




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