Repostin’ UGK

18 09 2008

Just reformatting the site a bit, with a new design and stuff so I’m reposting this..

It’s been a slow day in the hiphop world today, there hasn’t really been anything interesting enough for me to post about so lets pass the time by enjoying one of the most underatted songs ever:

UGK Ft Outkast: I choose you (international players anthem)

What about some UGK FT 3-6 Mafia? Sippin on some SIZZURP. Pimp C makes this song.

I’m trill, working the wheel
A pimp not a simp
Keep the dope fiends higher than the Goodyear Blimp
We eat, so many shrimp
I got, iodine poisoning
Punk niggas make me sick with all the pinchin and bargaining
You say that you a boss
I ain’t believing that shit”

And I can’t forget one of the most classic Pimp C appearances ever, check out the trill university jacket and Pimp burnin cash:




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