19 09 2008

Lots of reading today… but it’s some good shit so read up

Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest has also dropped his latest single “Getting Down” a lil while ago:

Royce has just dropped The Bar Exam 2 mixtape for FREE with Dj Green Lantern, I’m sure you have all heard the hype but if not, Royce comes hard on possibly every album he has ever made. He’s far far better off without Eminem in my opinion. Download here: Bar Exam 2 download from Street hop magazine

As I said in an earlier post I’m reading The Wu Tang manual at the moment, here’s one of my favorite portions where The Rza talks about the spirituality of music:

“Music is naturally all around us, whether someones blasting it through speakers, singing it, playing it on a violin – or not. It’s always there in the ether. But to me, hip-hop was always different. From the first time I heard it, I felt it was something that had always been inside of me. I remember I was seven years old. And the sounds, the vibe I caught- it felt like it was in me already.

It was the summer of ’76 and we were in Staten Island. My grandmother lived in 240 and I was visiting her when GZA came over from 55. I remember that year, ’76 as being the best year of my life. That night GZA took me to a block party – had me out till eleven. I shouldn’t have been out that late and I got a whupping. But that night changed my life. It was DJ Jones.

I don’t know what else to say. That was it. I saw something that night. I felt some part of me expressed in the air, in the people and in the world around me. The way it hit me- it was like the opening of something inside me. Something came from outside and opened up something inside.

I started MCing at eight and half years old, I started DJing at eleven. I started producing at sixteen. That’s already eight years of graffitti, breakdancing, producing. I lived hip-hop. I rode the trains up and down this city all by myself at seven and eight years old. From Brownsville, Brooklyn, we’d ride to Forty-Second street, another slum and just go wilding. Along that path, we’d come across breakdancers, rappers, graffitti artists, fighters, drug users, abusers, squealers, wheelers, dealers, gamblers, dice games, dope fiends, all that.

I went in the South Bronx Soundview Projects with my cousin GZA, listening to people rap. I went all over Staten Island, hanging with the best DJ’s and rappers at block parties and getting my ass whipped by my mother when I came in. I hung with breakdancers, I wrote graffitti, breakdanced, popped, DJed. All facets of hip-hop that existed, I engulfed myself in. I really lived it..




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