Funk Flex talks on R-Kelly

19 09 2008

Dj Funkmaster Flex is causing a bit of a ruckus at the moment, mainly because he is speaking the absolute truth. R- Kelly recently made an appearance on television after his child pornography trial and stated “what do you mean by teenagers?” with a smirk on his face. Funk Flex is talking on the real and isn’t having a bar of it.

I respect him for that.

Also I’m taking a hiatus this weekend so I’ll get back to this on sunday.




3 responses

19 09 2008

This is going way too far. The guy is a great singer and song writer. He has a great deal of talent and he was found not guilty. This was bending of words and prying into who he is friends with. Look at the great songs and lyrics he has provided us. He is a pure genius.

22 09 2008

How do you explain him attempting to marry Aaliyah when she was just a kid and he was in his twenties then? This stuff kinda all adds up whether he is talented or not.

23 09 2008

It doesnt matter about his past. This interview was taking his statements and putting thier own negative meaning behind it. r Kelly was innocent and should be treated in such way!!!

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