22 09 2008

Well I was away last weekend so I have some news to catch up on don’t I? However, its not good news…

Firstly last Friday Dj AM and Travis Barker were critically injured on a plane crash and although they are alive and ok they have suffered some burns, travis from the waist down and DJ AM to the face. The plane crew suffered four casualties also.

Look at the condition the plane was in after it drifted off the run way:

Just goes to show it can happen to anyone.

“In what should have been a happy time in Travis Barker’s assisant’s life, turned out to be a devastating tragedy.  Chris Baker was about to become a father once again and wanted to rush home to witness his baby’s birth, but sadly, he will never meet his new child, nor will his child meet him.

Chris was one of the four people killed in the plane crash late Friday night, that also saw rocker Travis Barker and DJ AM severly burned.

Baker told everyone that his pregnant wife was going into labor, and he wanted to be by her side.  Travis, who apparently doesn’t normally fly on private jets, decided to make an exception, so his assistant could make it in time to witness his child’s birth”  (Source- babble.com)

Travis has been doing alot of hiphop collabs at the moment including this video I posted a few weeks ago:




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