The record label is dead.

23 09 2008

Thanks to the internet the record label now doesn’t control all music, you can access basically anything and become a part of the media without some old white rich man in a suit telling you what to buy and were from. This also means we as everyday consumers have much more say in what becomes popular.

According to Nelly’s new album will join the many other albums by established artists which are flopping at the moment. Maybe if he attempted to make a good album instead of talking about shoes again he wouldn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of getting bodied by Fergie on his own single?

HINT: Make another Country Grammar and stop selling out

Here are the details if you care.

I predict he will pull a 50 cent and say its because of issues with his record label (his album album sucked it was boring), same as Usher (probably legitimate), same as LL Cool J (no one cares anymore), same as Twista (probably legitmate), same as Janet (no one cares anymore), same as Wu tang (too much fighting between members). Oh I forgot same as Missy Elliot who has had a year of getting her album pushed back (probably legitmate) and finally same as Busta Rhymes who has been dropping hot shit constantly and is one of the few who legitimately has label issues.

Busta has recently left Aftermath and his album is due to be ACTUALLY released in december, here is the official single called “Arab Money”:

Janet has also officially left Def Jam: yawn

In unrelated news here is the new akon track also: I haven\’t bothered to check it out just yet.

I know I sound like a hater through this whole entry but I’m really just being completely honest.




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