Shoes and assorted news.

24 09 2008

Eye candy from Sneakerfreaker:


Firstly, Big Boi from Outkast has signed as a solo artist to T.I’s Grand Hustle label, looks like T.I is getting alot of business done before going away to jail for a year. Props to him, I wonder if his record is going to sell anywhere near as many units as Lil Weezy’s?

Source: Big Boi joins Grand Hustle

Kayne with some help from his friend Rhymefest is developing his very own puppet styled T.V show with the Creators of “Crank Yankers”, it’s going to be named “Alligator Boots”.

Source: Kayne developing comedy show.

Mariah Carey has a new movie called “Push” coming out, will it flop? Probably. Her role is as a social worker, I find with her Diva attitude this may be a little hard to believe.

Source: Mariah staring in new movie.

Excited for the new Notorious BIG movie? I REALLY AM and it actually looks like it pretty good.

Check out the latest teaser: (Source:

DMX. No he is not in jail again, this time he has missed his court date because he has been hospitalized. Dude needs to calm down, lay off the drugs and focus on his new album/staying out of jail in my opinion.

Apparently because of all of the stress on his body they are fearing he could have a stroke.

DMX in hospital




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