26 09 2008

In case you didn’t know already, Kayne has recently changed his album date to November, I wonder how 50 cent is going to sell records now that he can’t try compete with Kayne and gain publicity for a shitty album again?

He only sells through Beef after all.

Oasis and both those Gallagher brothers are notorious for their douche behavior. Here is their diss song for Jay-Z because they are mad he played at Glastonbury and the crowd loved it.  Source:

I hope he comes back and laughs at this.

VH1 Recent did a top 100 greatest rap songs ever list and its no suprise that they have the worst opinions ever:

01 Public Enemy / “Fight The Power”
02 Sugarhill Gang / “Rapper’s Delight”
03 Dr. Dre / “Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang”
04 Run-DMC ft/ Aerosmith/ “Walk This Way”  <No
05 Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five / “The Message”
06 N.W.A. / “Straight Outta Compton”
07 Notorious B.I.G. / “Juicy”  <Gimme the loot shoulda been here in my opinion
08 Snoop Doggy Dogg / “Gin and Juice”
09 Salt-N-Pepa / “Push It ”  <No no no way
10 Kurtis Blow / “The Breaks”
11 Jay-Z / “Hard Knock Life”
12 L.L. Cool J / “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” < LL is in this list but Outkast isn’t?
13 Wu-Tang Clan / “C.R.E.A.M.”
14 Tupac / “I Get Around ”
15 Eminem / “Stan ”
16 Missy Elliott / “Get Ur Freak On”  <Definitely not her best song and def not deserving top 30 even.
17 Sir Mix-A-Lot / “Baby Got Back”
18 50 Cent / “In Da Club”  <WHAT THE FUCK
19 Ice T / “Colors”
20 Kanye West ft/ Jamie Foxx / “Gold Digger” Basicially worst list ever.

Lil Wayne was placed above Slick Rick as well, hasn’t anyone there heard Art of Storytellin or Liquid Swords?

On a lighter note:

Yes, that is Ludacris in high school, I have like a million of these.

What about Pharrell with the fade:





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