Left everyone hanging..

24 03 2009

Yup that was a rather long hiatus wasn’t it?

Anyway, the main thing is I’m back doing this again so I’ll start with a basic update.

Currently listening to: The Dream-Love vs Money

The Dream- Love vs Money

I guess you could say R&B is my guilty pleasure, it’s music made for love makin and mainly a female audience but every now and then I find myself listening to a few particular artists. The Dream is one of them and I was quite surprised that he is gaining so much attention recently, his features are usually average (in my opinion) and none of them have been particularly big hits. However, he’s a talented cat and a particularly good song writer and producer. I think that is what interested me in The Dream, his first album is very very well produced with some amazing beats and song writing. The same can be said for Love vs Money but I don’t quite think it’s quite at the same level. Not to say its bad, because in fact it’s an excellent album but there are a few songs here that just don’t click with me such as the title track or ‘Right side of the Brain’, its just kinda samey really and not on the same level as ‘I luv your girl’ or ‘Luv songz’ which have some really good lines. I hope the album goes Gold to keep The Dream around as a solo artist and not just a producer because his work so far has been so good they rate as some of my favorite albums. He can’t quite sing or dance like Usher but he’s definitely got Swag and great production.




21 12 2008

Yeah I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been kinda busy with Exams and Xmas coming up. However, that period is now over so look for more updates in the next few days as I get back into a relaxed schedule again!

Wu shoe, Wu movie.

8 10 2008

New Wu Tang shoes by Fila.

The Wu tang documentary is coming folks!!!!!

Peep the trailer here:

Lil Wayne live at MTV VMA’S 2008

8 09 2008

Return of the MACK

4 09 2008

Yeah I acknowledge my sources. I read this over at allhiphop.com today.

“There is a new rumor that I got. I am being told that British R&B singer Mark “Return of the Mack” Morrison has signed a $1 million, 3-album deal with Global Musis Group, the same people that bought Da Row. I think they still own the house that Dre built. Anyway, Mark recorded “Return Of The Mack” in 1996. This means the Mack is back!

Don’t tell anyone but I secretly really dig 90’s r & b, Montell Jordan: This is how we do it is probably one of my favourite songs ever. so lets celebrate what is probably a true rumour about Mark with The classic song “Return of the mack!”.

This cat is like the 90’s Akon, used to be in and out of jail 24/7, hopefully his comeback is for real.

Yung Berg feels the pain of KARMA

25 08 2008

For those who don’t know Berg has recently been talking greasy about rappers from Detroit. Well last weekend he went there for a tour and within an hour of landing he caught a beat down and got his chain snatched. I would feel bad for him but that is kinda what you get. There is a pic circulating of the guy who has his chain.

Click here for the full info: Berg gets fuucked up