1 10 2008

Check out the top ten most ridiculous album/mixtape covers here: hahaha

In his second week, Nelly‘s album has fallen 16 places and barely cracked the 100,000 mark. I told him to stop selling out didn’t I?

Check out Joe Budden being mean to his wife for fun.

I think I need a category on my blog called lazy because thats how I feel at the moment, but eh it was my birthday yesterday so let me slide today ok


My opinions are always right

30 09 2008

The notorious BIG MOVIE is coming, Fox pictures wants to know what you think. This movie could actually maybe beat the odds and turn out good, the chick they have acting as Faith Evans looks exactly the same.

Click here for details: Vote for the notorious movie promotion poster

Travis Barker has been released from hospital, I didn’t realize him and DJ Am were THE ONLY survivors!

Sean Kingston tried to fed-ex 500,000 worth of Jewlery and apparently it all got jacked. Really though who would put that much cash money in a box and expect it to be delivered safely? And secondly how does Sean even have $500,000? Dumbass

New albums to be excited about for the end of 2008? Detox, Thr33 Rings, Kayne, 50 cent,and lastly Blueprint 3.Jockin\’ Jayz~!

He’s also making Swagger like us part 2 featuring Young Jeezy and Andre “3000”.

When Funkmaster Flex spoke about R Kelly I agreed with him fully, but this, this is blatantly false.

Funkmaster Flex claims in this video that the most overated rapper he has ever experienced in his career is Method man. I find it ironic that during the video he speaks about 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy, this dude has got to be joking calling out Meth like that.

Source: http://thisisscolla.com/cms/content/view/306/3/

“I’ve been dying to speak about a rapper that’s been overrated…

AllHipHop.com: Who’s that?

Flex: Method Man is the most overrated rapper I’ve experienced in my career.”

Fuck ya!

New Pumas, T-Pain, Barker and Am out soon!

28 09 2008

Check out these new “Sketch” styled Puma’s you might have seen floating around.

Secondly, I read on an interview that after Thr33 Rings comes out T-Pain wants to make a rock/country album with no vocoder. He’s pretty good creatively but I can’t see him without the vocoder unless he’s going to use some other form of studio magic on his live vocals.

Well we all know about the plane crash a week ago that killed four people and burnt Dj AM and Travis. Dj AM was reported to have burns to the face and has just been released from hospital whilst Travis Barker has another week or two until he is alowed out. I wonder if anyone had to get skin grafts, that shit is painful, also did the fire mess up any of Barkers tattoos? Source: DJ AM RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL

Some cool djing shit I picked up:

Source: nahright.com

Currently, I’m listening to The Games album L.A.X, it’s ok but I think Doctor’s Advocate had more bangers although the name dropping was even more obnoxious, especially that track with Busta where he is crying over Dre. That shit sounds semi homosexual. I aint hating though, I don’t mind The Game.

Hold your head nate.

18 09 2008

I’m re-listening to Talib Kweli- The beautiful struggle. It’s a good album, every song is hot including this one:

According to Hip-hop DX Nate Dogg is in stable condition and he’s just in recovery after his stroke. They can’t say whether it has effected him physically yet but it had no mental damage on him.

Source: Get well soon Nate

Also here is one of the new Busta tracks produced by Dre, apparently he took the beat from the constantly delayed Only Built For Cuban Linx 2, I can definitely see the truth in that, picture Rae rapping over it and it fits.

fuck 50

15 09 2008

He mocks the new Kayne track when performing to his largely asleep white 14 year old girl crowd. I think he is still mad about getting outsold. (source=nah right) Maybe try making non-boring music before you speak or act self-righteously.

This is a real concert ok (notice the audience getting live as hell and singing every word) :

That is all for now.

DJ AM scratching with Travis Barker

8 09 2008

Seems like all I’m doing is posting clips at the moment, this is a dope video with Dj AM scratching over beats and travis barker jamming along. Check it out:

Dj AM ft Travis Barker

50 cent is claiming he is going to reinvent hiphop on his latest album “Before I self destruct”, hey 50 do you mean reinvent like when you and Kayne faced off for album sales and that is the reason he bet you? The same reason Terminate on Sight didn’t sell alot of records also. I’ll have to wait and see before I believe all this talk personally, plus he hasn’t put anything out that interests me in…………. forever?

50 Talks new album

Lil Wayne tore it up at the VMA’s last night (except when T-Pain came out and was half heartedly lip syncing ‘got money’, dudes a good songwriter but he looked rubbish live). Now apparently Weezy is in trouble after police released him on 70,000 bail a few months ago after finding a concealed weapon and drugs on his tour bus.

Officer testifies after finding Gun in Lil Waynes tour bus

Speaking of T-Pain…..

Can\’t believe it remix

New Kayne album, Akon punches another fan?

6 09 2008

Apparently Kayne is going to release his forth album by the end of the year! The new single will be called “Love LockDown” and I will post it here as soon as I see it online! He’s the last performer at the MTV VMA awards and will announce details on the album that night. Man straight after the glow and the dark tour and he still hasn’t taken a break, how is that Kayne releases two albums in such a short amount of time and yet Raekwon and Dre haven’t in years? I mean you can’t say Kayne isn’t under an incredible amount of pressure also. (Not hating but still….)
Akon, Kayne, T Pain and Lil wayne seem to be involved in the studio non stop these days, get your money fella’s.

This isn’t really news or a surprise either but Akon has been caught on video supposedly hitting a female fan. You can’t see all that well in this video and you know people will make up anything these days so watch the clip and decide for yourselves…

I might be going to Bone Thugs, Ice Cube and Snoop in a few weeks, I’d mainly be going to see reunited bone on their first tour in years with the full crew including Flesh, anyone know whether they are worth seeing live?