New Pumas, T-Pain, Barker and Am out soon!

28 09 2008

Check out these new “Sketch” styled Puma’s you might have seen floating around.

Secondly, I read on an interview that after Thr33 Rings comes out T-Pain wants to make a rock/country album with no vocoder. He’s pretty good creatively but I can’t see him without the vocoder unless he’s going to use some other form of studio magic on his live vocals.

Well we all know about the plane crash a week ago that killed four people and burnt Dj AM and Travis. Dj AM was reported to have burns to the face and has just been released from hospital whilst Travis Barker has another week or two until he is alowed out. I wonder if anyone had to get skin grafts, that shit is painful, also did the fire mess up any of Barkers tattoos? Source: DJ AM RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL

Some cool djing shit I picked up:


Currently, I’m listening to The Games album L.A.X, it’s ok but I think Doctor’s Advocate had more bangers although the name dropping was even more obnoxious, especially that track with Busta where he is crying over Dre. That shit sounds semi homosexual. I aint hating though, I don’t mind The Game.


Feelin lazy

27 09 2008

Feeling a bit lazy today, I wanna do another lyrical appreciation write up soon but for now just some interesting stuff… all the news at the moment is about 50 cent and Kayne and I really need a break from them.

The Wu Tang shoe

Wanna get your hands on a pair of these seemingly average Wu Tang kicks? Well think again, they are next to impossible to find and apparently there is a store in NY selling them for 7,500 US. That is alot of cash, you could probably buy one of their album plaques for the same price.


Apparently Detox is going to drop around December with a first single release possibly next month, as the album being delayed for like four years I find this kinda hard to believe. I think until I hear an official release date I won’t say a thing. Also do you think Dr Dre can stay relevant in modern hip hop?  Everyone knows the rap game is constantly changing and if pop rappers like Nelly can’t stay on track do you think Dre can still go platinum and be taken seriously after a seven year hiatus since his last Chronic album? I don’t know personally. He’s also using live instrumentation on the album, same as Rza’s production style.


Anyway here is some classic 1992 Dre:

Michael Jordan recently spoke honestly about the comparisons between him and Kobe,  Jordan said that in his prime that there would be absolutely no competition. You know what? I agree 100%, Jordan is the greatest alive no doubt, he is a legend and even as a product the Jordan brand is still going strong. I remember when I saw Space Jam as a kid, it was my favourite movie ever and MJ was my hero.  One of the greatest, if not the greatest sports star of all time.

Watch the video, its from this year and you can see even at the age of 45 he can consistently shoot and even dunk. Cool to see him teaching some kids as well.


And that’s it for now.

Shoes and assorted news.

24 09 2008

Eye candy from Sneakerfreaker:


Firstly, Big Boi from Outkast has signed as a solo artist to T.I’s Grand Hustle label, looks like T.I is getting alot of business done before going away to jail for a year. Props to him, I wonder if his record is going to sell anywhere near as many units as Lil Weezy’s?

Source: Big Boi joins Grand Hustle

Kayne with some help from his friend Rhymefest is developing his very own puppet styled T.V show with the Creators of “Crank Yankers”, it’s going to be named “Alligator Boots”.

Source: Kayne developing comedy show.

Mariah Carey has a new movie called “Push” coming out, will it flop? Probably. Her role is as a social worker, I find with her Diva attitude this may be a little hard to believe.

Source: Mariah staring in new movie.

Excited for the new Notorious BIG movie? I REALLY AM and it actually looks like it pretty good.

Check out the latest teaser: (Source:

DMX. No he is not in jail again, this time he has missed his court date because he has been hospitalized. Dude needs to calm down, lay off the drugs and focus on his new album/staying out of jail in my opinion.

Apparently because of all of the stress on his body they are fearing he could have a stroke.

DMX in hospital


22 09 2008

Just quickly though I’d post some Eye Candy for everyone, here are the new K-Swiss shoes about to be released. I dunno if I like them personally,they are very kayne. I’d much much much rather prefer these:

Obama Nikes

14 09 2008

I was just looking around Illseed from allhiphop.coms personal site and I found the following pics…

Wonder if he will be rocking them at the elections.