12 10 2008

Slick Rick was honored recently at the VH1 awards with this performance by rappers such as Busta Rhymes, Pharrell, Eve, etc but the best part in my [totally unbiased ;)] opinion was Ghostface performing La Di Da Di whilst Biz Markie beatboxed. Watch it below:

New kayne anyone? It’s either gunna be a really good album or really wack. My hopes aren’t particularly high.

New Kayne West: Heartless snippet

Below is an interview with Notorious BIG’s Mom on the set of the Notorious movie. This movie is gunna be legit for real, all the family is involved. Biggies son is in the video also.

Biggies mother speaks

Finally here is some info on Travis Barkers condition:

US Weekly magazine talks to Travis Barker after his tragic plane crash with DJ AM and others who died.

“I am doing the best I possibly can be. I’m so anxious to get out of here. I’ve just been in surgery after surgery. I have third degree burns basically from my feet up to my waist and both hands. One of my hands was second degree burns and one third degree burns. I’m trying to have a quick recovery and play the drums again and be able to hold my kids again.”

“I hate planes. My biggest fear ever is to be involved in a plane crash. I sit here and I read books and watch TV. I think if this surgery went well, I’ll be here at most two weeks.”

Apparently DJ AM is now home also.

For anyone who is curious about my blog and where my taste lies here is my list of the best rappers in the game right now/ever according to my opinion.

1) Notorious BIG: Flow, Swagger etc. Every single track Mr Smalls appeared on was hot, I haven’t heard a single verse from him that isn’t fire.

2) Wu Tang: The best rap group ever, every single member is extremely talented. Personal favorites at the moment being GZA, RZA, Ghost and Rae.

3) U.G.K: Underrated as fuck and they represent everything that is good from the south. Swagger, Longevity these guys had it.

4) Jay Z: Not really a total favorite or anything as far as music goes but as far as staying relevant and running the game for over a decade jigga definitely deserves a spot. Don’t forget without Jigga you don’t have Kayne either.

5) Busta: Busta has made some classics in his time and he’s one of the most likable rappers at the moment.


My opinions are always right

30 09 2008

The notorious BIG MOVIE is coming, Fox pictures wants to know what you think. This movie could actually maybe beat the odds and turn out good, the chick they have acting as Faith Evans looks exactly the same.

Click here for details: Vote for the notorious movie promotion poster

Travis Barker has been released from hospital, I didn’t realize him and DJ Am were THE ONLY survivors!

Sean Kingston tried to fed-ex 500,000 worth of Jewlery and apparently it all got jacked. Really though who would put that much cash money in a box and expect it to be delivered safely? And secondly how does Sean even have $500,000? Dumbass

New albums to be excited about for the end of 2008? Detox, Thr33 Rings, Kayne, 50 cent,and lastly Blueprint 3.Jockin\’ Jayz~!

He’s also making Swagger like us part 2 featuring Young Jeezy and Andre “3000”.

When Funkmaster Flex spoke about R Kelly I agreed with him fully, but this, this is blatantly false.

Funkmaster Flex claims in this video that the most overated rapper he has ever experienced in his career is Method man. I find it ironic that during the video he speaks about 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy, this dude has got to be joking calling out Meth like that.

Source: http://thisisscolla.com/cms/content/view/306/3/

“I’ve been dying to speak about a rapper that’s been overrated…

AllHipHop.com: Who’s that?

Flex: Method Man is the most overrated rapper I’ve experienced in my career.”

Fuck ya!

Feelin lazy

27 09 2008

Feeling a bit lazy today, I wanna do another lyrical appreciation write up soon but for now just some interesting stuff… all the news at the moment is about 50 cent and Kayne and I really need a break from them.

The Wu Tang shoe

Wanna get your hands on a pair of these seemingly average Wu Tang kicks? Well think again, they are next to impossible to find and apparently there is a store in NY selling them for 7,500 US. That is alot of cash, you could probably buy one of their album plaques for the same price.


Apparently Detox is going to drop around December with a first single release possibly next month, as the album being delayed for like four years I find this kinda hard to believe. I think until I hear an official release date I won’t say a thing. Also do you think Dr Dre can stay relevant in modern hip hop?  Everyone knows the rap game is constantly changing and if pop rappers like Nelly can’t stay on track do you think Dre can still go platinum and be taken seriously after a seven year hiatus since his last Chronic album? I don’t know personally. He’s also using live instrumentation on the album, same as Rza’s production style.


Anyway here is some classic 1992 Dre:

Michael Jordan recently spoke honestly about the comparisons between him and Kobe,  Jordan said that in his prime that there would be absolutely no competition. You know what? I agree 100%, Jordan is the greatest alive no doubt, he is a legend and even as a product the Jordan brand is still going strong. I remember when I saw Space Jam as a kid, it was my favourite movie ever and MJ was my hero.  One of the greatest, if not the greatest sports star of all time.

Watch the video, its from this year and you can see even at the age of 45 he can consistently shoot and even dunk. Cool to see him teaching some kids as well.


And that’s it for now.


19 09 2008

Lots of reading today… but it’s some good shit so read up

Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest has also dropped his latest single “Getting Down” a lil while ago:

Royce has just dropped The Bar Exam 2 mixtape for FREE with Dj Green Lantern, I’m sure you have all heard the hype but if not, Royce comes hard on possibly every album he has ever made. He’s far far better off without Eminem in my opinion. Download here: Bar Exam 2 download from Street hop magazine

As I said in an earlier post I’m reading The Wu Tang manual at the moment, here’s one of my favorite portions where The Rza talks about the spirituality of music:

“Music is naturally all around us, whether someones blasting it through speakers, singing it, playing it on a violin – or not. It’s always there in the ether. But to me, hip-hop was always different. From the first time I heard it, I felt it was something that had always been inside of me. I remember I was seven years old. And the sounds, the vibe I caught- it felt like it was in me already.

It was the summer of ’76 and we were in Staten Island. My grandmother lived in 240 and I was visiting her when GZA came over from 55. I remember that year, ’76 as being the best year of my life. That night GZA took me to a block party – had me out till eleven. I shouldn’t have been out that late and I got a whupping. But that night changed my life. It was DJ Jones.

I don’t know what else to say. That was it. I saw something that night. I felt some part of me expressed in the air, in the people and in the world around me. The way it hit me- it was like the opening of something inside me. Something came from outside and opened up something inside.

I started MCing at eight and half years old, I started DJing at eleven. I started producing at sixteen. That’s already eight years of graffitti, breakdancing, producing. I lived hip-hop. I rode the trains up and down this city all by myself at seven and eight years old. From Brownsville, Brooklyn, we’d ride to Forty-Second street, another slum and just go wilding. Along that path, we’d come across breakdancers, rappers, graffitti artists, fighters, drug users, abusers, squealers, wheelers, dealers, gamblers, dice games, dope fiends, all that.

I went in the South Bronx Soundview Projects with my cousin GZA, listening to people rap. I went all over Staten Island, hanging with the best DJ’s and rappers at block parties and getting my ass whipped by my mother when I came in. I hung with breakdancers, I wrote graffitti, breakdanced, popped, DJed. All facets of hip-hop that existed, I engulfed myself in. I really lived it..

Hold your head nate.

18 09 2008

I’m re-listening to Talib Kweli- The beautiful struggle. It’s a good album, every song is hot including this one:

According to Hip-hop DX Nate Dogg is in stable condition and he’s just in recovery after his stroke. They can’t say whether it has effected him physically yet but it had no mental damage on him.

Source: Get well soon Nate

Also here is one of the new Busta tracks produced by Dre, apparently he took the beat from the constantly delayed Only Built For Cuban Linx 2, I can definitely see the truth in that, picture Rae rapping over it and it fits.

Skateboarding and hip-hop

17 09 2008

This is an interesting new trend at the moment pioneered by the likes of Chad Muska and Kareem Campbell, I don’t mean the backpacker scene kids either, I mean people who are serious about both their street skating and their hip-hop. People like Chad Muska who has produced an album featuring Krs-One, Raekwon, Big Daddy Kane, Prodigy and appeared in videos for Kelis and N.E.R.D.

One of the biggest names in hip-hop affiliated Skatboarding currently is probably Terry Kennedy who used to be on Pharrells skating team and aspires to be both an MC and an actor also. Click the link for his official site and profile: Terry Kennedy

Peep these pics I found, firstly this skateboard design series: (Click to enlarge)

Look for the Slick Rick deck second from left, the ghostface deck fourth from left and a much younger method man in the hockey gear.

Or the Promotional gear Ghost did for Zoo York which features a signature Pretty Toney Deck:

Of course we got Pharrells skate team and Lupe reppin’ skating all day every day.

Nate dogg suffers second stroke

16 09 2008

It is a sad day indeed, only a month or so after his domestic violence conviction Nate Dogg has suffered his second stroke. Nate is a legend, he was singing the hook on every popular song before T-pain was even around, only difference being he actually sings. Snoop must be sad his best friend is in such a bad condition, wish him a steady recovery so he can get back to singing classic hooks such as this one…

Also check out these limited addition Ghostface t-shirts via his myspace: