Wu shoe, Wu movie.

8 10 2008

New Wu Tang shoes by Fila.

The Wu tang documentary is coming folks!!!!!

Peep the trailer here:


New usher and an excuse

2 10 2008

Its my birthday week and I’m planning a party and such so that is why the updates are small-ish!

Firstly here is the new Usher video, this shit is nearly soft core porn and you know that his wife was standing in during the whole video shoot with a bat in her hand. Here’s Usher-Trading Places Probably one of the best songs off the record, he needs to get back to doing that cool ish with all the dancing I think.

According to allhiphop.com:

“Jadakiss will feature Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Ghostface and Raekwon on his next CD called Kiss My A$$.”

I’m particularly excited about the last two guests obviously.


1 10 2008

Check out the top ten most ridiculous album/mixtape covers here: hahaha

In his second week, Nelly‘s album has fallen 16 places and barely cracked the 100,000 mark. I told him to stop selling out didn’t I?

Check out Joe Budden being mean to his wife for fun.

I think I need a category on my blog called lazy because thats how I feel at the moment, but eh it was my birthday yesterday so let me slide today ok

Re-up gang splits!!! New Mf Doom album to feature ghostface and rae

10 09 2008

After the dissapointment that was the Re-Up album, the gang has decided to split up to focus on solo projects. For anyone who enjoyed the ‘We got it for cheap’ mixtapes this is a big loss!


At least we still have the Clipse brothers, I don’t know how well Sandman will do on his own. Those guys worked well together.


In more positive news the new Mf Doom album is coming soon and it will feature a track with Ghostface and Raekwon with J Dilla production…. NICE



It’s a mess…..

29 08 2008

This week:

Firstly RIP to Dr Dre’s son who was found dead over the weekend..

In other news here is a photo of dmx meditating to prevent himself doing further crimes.

Recently Dmx was let out on bail after saying “I’m not fucking going back to jail” to a judge after the judge initially decided against him being let out. He’s also got a warrant out in Arizona and if they catch him within 15 days he’s got a whole other set of problems on his hands. If he lays low for 15 days he’s home free (good luck pal).

what a mess…

Finally for some actual good news: GZA had his latest album debut in the billboard charts at 52, almost a decade since his last album to reach the charts “Beneath the Surface” in 1999.

In other news I really dislike Soulja boy:

I read this quote at allhiphop.com and it made me physically angry.

“The young rapper went on to detail his frustration at being called out by numerous veteran artists such as legend Ice-T, and how his “old school” influence was listening to 50 Cent’s early records when he was 11 years old.” OLD SCHOOL, what?

What a mess hiphop is sometimes..

New T-Pain ft Lil Wayne video.

26 08 2008

I can’t front on this video, it’s definitely a dope song also. Although I can’t really understand a word Lil Wayne is saying.

Lil Wayne Ft Twista- Whip game proper

18 08 2008

Poor Twista, after the flop of his most recent album he needed better publicity than being a white lego character….

Here’s a much younger Twista, check out the nose piercing