Left everyone hanging..

24 03 2009

Yup that was a rather long hiatus wasn’t it?

Anyway, the main thing is I’m back doing this again so I’ll start with a basic update.

Currently listening to: The Dream-Love vs Money

The Dream- Love vs Money

I guess you could say R&B is my guilty pleasure, it’s music made for love makin and mainly a female audience but every now and then I find myself listening to a few particular artists. The Dream is one of them and I was quite surprised that he is gaining so much attention recently, his features are usually average (in my opinion) and none of them have been particularly big hits. However, he’s a talented cat and a particularly good song writer and producer. I think that is what interested me in The Dream, his first album is very very well produced with some amazing beats and song writing. The same can be said for Love vs Money but I don’t quite think it’s quite at the same level. Not to say its bad, because in fact it’s an excellent album but there are a few songs here that just don’t click with me such as the title track or ‘Right side of the Brain’, its just kinda samey really and not on the same level as ‘I luv your girl’ or ‘Luv songz’ which have some really good lines. I hope the album goes Gold to keep The Dream around as a solo artist and not just a producer because his work so far has been so good they rate as some of my favorite albums. He can’t quite sing or dance like Usher but he’s definitely got Swag and great production.




14 08 2008

I remember when Nelly first came out I thought he was pretty ok, this song is NOT THE BEST and JD is probably the only person who belongs on that song.

If your a guy don’t look at the album cover unless you want to feel thoroughly homosexual:

Not for male eyes

I’m not even gunna link to it on my blog, only nelly can get bodied by Fergie on his own track.

Anything after Country Grammar is rubbish in my honest opinion. This stuff used to be alot more likable, when I was younger it was the shit:

Even his first proper single which had a dope video:

I wish he hadn’t of discovered POP RAP. Soulja boy will be around for more than 3 years? Nope YOUR DREAMIN’!

R & B A Mille Freestyles….

12 08 2008

A Mille is a dope beat I admit and some of these freestyles are pretty good but these two remixes were pretty unexpected!

Ne-yo Freestyle:

His voice is a little too feminie and R & B worthy to do a battle rap freestyle.

Chris Brown Freestyle:

Both are pretty horrible to be honest, although Chris may be a little more convincing.

Here is a list of the artists who have made remixes thus far: Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Cassidy, Cory Gunz, Fabolous, Mims, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Kardinal Offishall, Papoose, Ne-Yo, Pitbull, LL Cool J, Bump J, Meek Mil, Nitti, Gillie Da Kid, Dolla & Lil Mama.

In other (belated) news Rick Ross is a cop and his single “Hustlin” should be renamed “Arrestin”

Rza speaks on the possibility of another Wu album

12 08 2008

In the mean time RZA speaks about eight minutes in about the possibility of a final WU album and he sounds positive:

As the new Clipse album is about to drop watch the latest video for it:

New GZA album previews

11 08 2008

Peep 1.30 of each song here:

Pro Tools snippets

Bill Cosby and what I’m looking forward to…

11 08 2008

Cosby released his first Hiphop album at the age of 71 this year: Cosby

Anyway here is a list of albums I’m looking forward to in the near future.

Will definitely check out:

Unspecified date:
New Jay-Z
New Ghost albums- Swift and Changeable Collab and R&B project
Paul Wall-Fast Lane
New MJ album

This month:
The Game-L.A.X

September 08:
Busta Rhymes-Blessed
T.I-Paper Trail

December 08:
Ludacris-Theater of the mind

Feb 09:
Raekwon- Only Built for Cuban Linx 2

Might Check out:

T-Pain-Thr33 Rings
Missy Elliot-Block Party
Ice Cube-Raw Footage